Our Link Missionaries

Christmas Offering 2017

For several years now we have been dividing the Christmas Offering between two charities, one working locally and one working overseas. This year it will be given to Open Doors in Iraq and Onside Soccer in Carshalton. Please give generously and pray for these organisations.

During 2014 thousands of people were forced to flee from their homes in Iraq and have been living in refugee camps for three years. It is now possible for them to return home, and Open Doors is helping people return to Karamles and other Christian towns on the Ninevah Plains, and to try to rebuild their homes and lives.

Onside Soccer is a charity offering football coaching to children as a means of sharing the love of God with them and their families. Coaching sessions are offered free of charge and equipment is provided. Several members of our church are involved in leading these activities.

Please use the news in the following pages to pray for our link missionaries and ask God to renew them by His Spirit, so that they might be guided in the ways they share the good news about Jesus, both in their actions and their words.

Let us also pray for each other, praying that God would increase the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, so that we might also be more effective witnesses for him in our “mission fields”, including our families, colleagues at work and friends in the local community. Come Holy Spirit, we pray!

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Central Asia

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David and Agnieszka


Lozadas 2017

Farid and America Lozada

(La Gran Comision)


Millers 2017

Damien and Annet Miller



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John and Pauline England