Overseas Workers

Updated February 2016

The news seems to be dominated by the ongoing war in Syria, the devastation of the storm in Fiji and the spread of the Zika virus in South America. The media tends to focus on bad news and the suffering it brings. How the media would have reported the events of Easter, or would they have ignored them entirely? Would the crucifixion of Jesus have been portrayed as merely an example of Roman tyranny, and rumours of the resurrection been dismissed as the fanciful hopes of a tiny group of his followers?

Let us pray that the missionaries we support, and also ourselves, will be given wisdom and courage to share the truths of the most wonderful events that have ever happened in the world God loves so much!!

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Central Asia

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D and A


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Farid and America

(La Gran Comision)

Middle East

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M and K


Annet and Damien Miller

Damien and Annet Miller



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John and Pauline