We seek to be a family, united in our love for the Lord Jesus Christ, grateful to God for His love for us, and reaching out to share His love with those who live and work in our community.

We welcome all people to the church, including people from other parts of the world and people of all ages, gender and race.

Vacancy - Administrator & Receptionist

We are seeking a committed Christian to be our part-time Administrator & Receptionist.

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Sunday 3rd March

All Together Parade 10:30am
Jesus and the woman caught in adultery

Communion Service 6:00pm

Sunday 10th March

Mothering Sunday

Communion Service 8:00am

Morning Service 10:30am
Jesus heals a blind man and The Shepherd and his flock

Service on Zoom 6:00pm

Sunday 17th March

Morning Service 10:30am
Lazarus dies and is brought back to life and The Plot To Kill Jesus

Service on Zoom 6:00pm 

Sunday 24th March

Palm Sunday

Morning Service 10:30am
Jesus is anointed at Bethany and The Triumphal Entry

Service on Zoom 6:00pm

Monday 25th March

Evening Reflection 8:00pm
Jesus prays for his disciples and us

Tuesday 26th March

Evening Reflection 8:00pm
Jesus the way to the Father and the promise of the Holy Spirit

Wednesday 27th March

Evening Reflection 8:00pm
The vine and the branches

Thursday 28th March

Maundy Communion 8:00pm
Jesus washes the disciples' feet and predicts his betrayal

Friday 29th March

Good Friday Meditation 10:00am
Jesus' arrest, trial, crucifixion and death

Sunday 31st March

Easter Sunday

Communion Service 8:00am

All-together Communion 10:30am
The empty tomb and the risen Christ

 Communion Service 6:00pm

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