Our Link Missionaries

As a church we have the privilege of supporting and praying for mission workers who are located in five different countries, and we have links with people working in many other places too!

The purpose of these pages is to provide information and suggestions about how to support these families in our prayers as they share the good news of Jesus Christ with their local communities.

Please pray for them, and also remember to pray for other people you know serving God in different parts of his world. We can also pray for those countries mentioned in the news we see on TV or read in our newspapers, not forgetting those places which are rarely featured!

Click on the links below or left to find out more about our missionaries...

Matt and Karina Archer

Matt and Karina Archer

Kalbassou Doubassou

Kalbassou Doubassou 2020

Baptist World Mission


Petry and Kyle Groza


Regen Foundation


Simon Howling

Simon Howling

El Jireh Community Church


Fraser and Tracy Norbury

Norburys July 2023

Mission Aviation Fellowship

(Papua New Guinea)