Norburys July 2023Fraser and Tracy

Papua New Guinea
(Mission Aviation Fellowship)

Fraser and Tracy Norbury are living in the highlands in Papua New Guinea.

Fraser is head of the finance department for MAF in PNG. They have two children, Oliver and Rosie, who attend a local school and have some home learning.

You can find out more about Fraser and Tracy's work from their YouTube Channel or their Facebook page.

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This time the update is specifically focussed on the work that brought is here to PNG: Fraser’s role as Head of Finance for MAF. Please do read it to see how accounting can become oh-so-slightly exciting!

On a related note, there’s a great full-length documentary about the work of MAF in Papua, Indonesia (i.e. ‘next door’ to PNG) called ‘Ends of the Earth’ – you can see the trailer here:

Current points for prayer and praise: