Fraser and Tracy

Papua New Guinea
(Mission Aviation Fellowship)

Fraser and Tracy Norbury are living in the highlands in Papua New Guinea. Fraser is head of the finance department for MAF in PNG. They have two children, Oliver and Rosie, who attend a local school and have some home learning.

You can find out more about Fraser and Tracy's work from their YouTube Channel or their Facebook page.

Click here for their January 20232 newsletter.

Fraser congratulates Tracy for triumphing over the two-month-long school holiday and Tracy congratulates Fraser for acing the first month of MAF's financial Year End.

Their newsletter above contains a visual slice of the amazing culinary treat that was the Mount Hagen MAF Christmas, as well as some clues as to what Fraser and Tracy will be doing in their day jobs over the next couple of months.

They have put together a video containing a few thoughts about their lives now that they've been in PNG for over a year and a half...

Current points for prayer and praise:

Last time Fraser and Tracy asked you to pray for Oliver and Rosie particularly. Praise the Lord with us for these answers to your prayers: