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Waving Flag Hong KongHong Kong Migration to UK

It is anticipated that 130,000 Hongkongers will migrate to the UK during the year 2021. This will be the largest migration from a single country since the migration of East African Asians in the 1970's. 40% of this number have already arrived in the UK and the numbers are expected to accelerate during the autumn.

A large number of Hongkongers are settling in the London area and Sutton is one of the most popular boroughs, due to good schools, affordable housing, easy access to London and low crime rates.

A website has been set up by churches for Hongkongers to use when searching for churches in which to settle, it is https://ukhk.org/ So far 450 churches have registered on this website, with information about their location and activities. Churches in Sutton are already offering help with English language, befriending, and care for the elderly.